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Dear Friend,
We are glad you arrived safely in Kyiv, and hope you had a pleasant trip. We know you'll want to feel light and airy during this vacation, so make yourself at home. Flip through our Guest Directory – it is packed full of concise, easy-to-read and useful information on Globe Runner Hotel & Hostel. For any enquiries whatsoever, please feel free to contact our administrators. We hope that you will find our city beautiful and our travellers’ hub ideal for both business and leisure, and explore all the benefits our enticing neighbourhood has to offer. Every effort has been made to ensure you have a nice stay and enjoy the time spent here.
Yours sincerely, Globe Runner’s team


• According to the policy of Globe Runner, guests sign a Registration card upon check-in
• Upon check-in, guests are required to pay the amount equal to the total cost of their stay. All payments are made by credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Maestro and American Express) or in cash. In addition, wire transfer or our on-line payment system can be used if you plan to make a pre-payment before arrival
• Additional services are billed and paid for separately
• Globe Runner does not accept bookings made by those under the age of 18. The under 18’s can stay in a room or dorm only when accompanied by an adult over 18 years. The under 5’s cannot stay in any shared rooms
• Pets are not allowed
• Any damage compensation is charged according to the value of Globe Runner’s property


Check-in time is at 15:00
Early check-in from 8:00 until 15:00 is charged 50% of the one-night’s rate
Check-in before 8:00 is charged 100% of the one-night’s rate
Check-out time is at 11:00
Late check-out from 11:00 until 18:00 is charged 50% of the one-night’s rate
Late check-out after 18:00 is charged 100% of the one-night’s rate


Cancellations or modifications must be notified directly to Globe Runner at least 24 hours prior to arrival. In case of no show, your card will be charged for the total amount of the first night. For any changes to an existing reservation, you should contact Globe Runner directly. If your credit card expires or credit card details change prior to arrival, you should notify our administrators of the amended details.
If you have booked a room under the early booking terms (at a non-refundable rate), cancellation or modification is not possible. Reservation fees must be paid in full within 24 hours after booking. Payment is accepted only in the national currency – Ukrainian Hryvnya, according to the commercial exchange rate on the day of payment. For your convenience, we offer the following methods: cash, credit card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro Card, America Express) or our online payment system. Non-show, cancellation or change of this reservation leads to an entire stay fee. Globe Runner reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the card provided is not valid.


Here you can find a list of services and amenities available at Globe Runner. If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our administrators anytime.
• 24/7 Security
• ATM machine
• Individual air supply system in each room /dorm /apartment
• Baggage storage
• Business services
• Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access
• Concierge service
• Daily light cleaning upon request
• Iron and ironing board upon request
• Self-service laundry
• Medical assistance
• Safe at the reception
• Technical support from 9:00 until 18:00
• Toiletries & travel items bar
• Transfer service and taxi
• Wake-up call
• Gym at a special price


Your room is furnished with an individual air-supply system


Please read the fire safety rules and follow them at all times to prevent any possible accident or during emergencies. We have taken every precaution to ensure your comfort and safety. Smoke detectors are installed in all rooms, dorms, apartments, hallways and in the reception/lobby area. Fire extinguishers are stored in the hallways of each floor.

Fire Prevention
• Do not smoke in bed or anywhere else in your room / dorm / apartment
• Do not put wet clothes on the lampshades to dry
• Do not light candles or aroma sticks in your room / dorm / apartment
• Make sure your door and windows are always securely locked before you leave your room / dorm / apartment

• In case of a fire alarm, do not panic – take your room key;
• Before opening a door, use the back of your hand to touch the door, doorknob, or doorframe. If the door or doorknob feels hot to the touch, do not open it. If the door is not hot, open it carefully, but be ready to shut it if smoke comes in;
• If the corridor is full of smoke, stay as low to the ground as possible. Crawl on your hands and knees if necessary towards the fire exits;
• Proceed cautiously on the fire escape to the main entrance and leave the building;
• If your exit is blocked or there is too much smoke in the corridor, return to your room / dorm / apartment and notify the administrators of your whereabouts;

If a fire breaks out in your room
• Notify the administrators immediately;
• Take a key and evacuate your room / dorm / apartment immediately;
• Close the door securely behind you;
• Notify your immediate neighbours;
• Use the nearest emergency exit or exit stairwell to relocate to a safe area;

If you must remain in your room due to a fire
Do not panic. Here are some things you should do until firefighters arrive:
• Inform the administrators that you are in your room / dorm / apartment;
• Stuff wet towels and bed sheets around doors and into vents and air ducts;
• Take down all curtains, blinds, drapes;
• If smoke penetrates your room / dorm / apartment, cover your head with a wet blanket;
• If your room / dorm / apartment is filled with dense smoke, try to open the windows slightly;
• Do not open or break a window if smoke or flames are rising from the floor below;

If you must remain in your room due to a fire
• If the fire is small, grab the nearest fire extinguisher and try to put it out. Please report it to the administrators. Do not spray the fire extinguisher contents directly at the fire. Keep the extinguisher aimed at the base of the fire;
• If the fire is large, call the administrators immediately and leave the building/room/ dorm / apartment, if possible. Take your room/dorm/apartment key with you;
• If the fire or smoke prevents you from exiting, remain in your room / dorm / apartment, take the precautions outlined above and inform administrator of your whereabouts;
If you must remain in your room due to a fire


Under the current Ukrainian law and Globe Runner policy, smoking is prohibited in all rooms, dorms, apartments and other public areas of Globe Runner. Guests and visitors may smoke in designated areas outside the Globe Runner or balconies. No smoking out of the room window is allowed as well. If you would smoke in your room / dorm / apartment, an additional fee of 1 000 UAH will be charged to your account.


Globe Runner is responsible for safekeeping guests' property in accordance with applicable law. Dorms are equipped with individual lockers, and each apartment has a safe to get valuables, documents, jewellery stored, but Globe Runner is not responsible for the loss of any such item. Globe Runner is responsible for the loss of money, other valuables (securities, jewellery) only if they have been passed over to Globe Runner for safekeeping under a separate contract on storing such valuables.


Technical support is available from 9:00 until 18:00. In case you need some help or face a technical issue, please, contact our administrators and do not try to solve the problem yourself.


• Be friendly with other travellers and say hello to them if they are awake
• Respect other hostellers
• Always keep your stuff clean and pack it in tour bags
• Avoid smelly foods like snacks and drinks
• Use your own stuff, never use other hostellers’ things
• Avoid late night parties in your dorm
• Turn off lights and everything when you leave your room / dorm / apartment
• Mute your phone's ringtone and messaging tones while other hostellers work
• Share your experiences and achievements with other hostellers
• Take fantastic photos while staying at Globe Runner and tag us everywhere
• Enjoy your life and your stay with us 

• Don’t ask your dorm mates to turn off the light early, someone may need it to study;
• Don’t talk loud when other hostellers work;
• Don’t touch other hostellers’ things;
• Don’t knock at the doors – especially at night;
• Don’t use a bed that is not yours;
• Don’t consume smelly food or drink products in a dorm;
• Don’t turn on lights in a dorm room at midnight, use your personal lighting;
• Don’t disturb any hostellers, if you have any problem – contact administrators directly;


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